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semi attached homes

Buying Semi-Attached Housing: 4 Considerations For Katy Landlords

October 27, 2016

Semi-attached homes, also known as duplexes, have taken over a larger chunk of the U.S. real estate market in recent years as a way to expand suburban housing options. And, while they’ve done just that, not everyone is enthusiastic about these new structures, with landlords, in particular, facing a new variety of complaints. That’s why… [Read More]

hire a houston residential realtor

No Vacancies: Navigating Tenants While Selling A Property

October 25, 2016

When the time comes to sell your rental properties, you have an important choice to make as owner and manager: do you wait until the end of the current tenants’ contract term to put the house on the market, or do you start marketing your property while tenants are still in residence? While there’s no… [Read More]

green home construction methods

11 Green Home Construction Methods Home Builders Should Consider

October 20, 2016

Whether or not you believe in climate change, global warming, and other temperature implications that come from the daily acts of mankind, sustainable construction is a big trend that should be considered when you build a brand new home. According to scientists, these issues are accelerating rapidly, and the construction industry has a huge part… [Read More]

interior design trends

10 Top 2017 Interior Design Trends for Your Katy Rental Properties

October 18, 2016

Maintaining your rental property is about a lot more than just mowing the lawn and fixing leaky pipes. It’s also about keeping the interior up to date. You’ll have a much easier time attracting tenants and getting return renters if they know the property will reflect contemporary design trends. This is an important lesson to… [Read More]

How to Invest in Real Estate with $5,000 or Less

How to Invest in Real Estate with $5,000 or Less

October 13, 2016

The title of “real estate investor” sounds so official. And while real estate investors are often some of the most successful, wealthy people in the world, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t need a seven-figure portfolio to start investing. In fact, you don’t even need a six-figure savings account. With just a… [Read More]

How to Deal With Rental Open House Attendees

How to Deal With Rental Open House Attendees

October 11, 2016

Open houses aren’t just for individuals looking to sell their homes. As a landlord, you can also host open houses to attract potential renters. But if you’re going to host an open house, you need to do more than make things look pretty. Buying flowers and baking cookies will only get you so far. You… [Read More]

cartoon retail shopping center

8 Tips for Finding Your Dream Neighborhood

October 6, 2016

From the time we’re children, everyone has an idea of what their dream life looks like. Dreams like these typically involve much more than physical possessions – but if there’s one staple in everyone’s dream world, it’s the perfect neighborhood and home. The definition of “perfect” will be different for everyone, but we all want… [Read More]

hire a professional property manager

6 Things Successful Landlords Do That Others Don’t

October 4, 2016

Anyone with the right amount of money, a healthy credit score, and access to resources can purchase investment properties and become a landlord. However, there’s a huge difference between being a landlord and being a successful landlord. The latter requires patience, foresight, intelligence, and strategic action. Just because the barriers to entry are relatively low… [Read More]