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Close-up Of A Businessman Calculating Tax

How to Start Learning About Investing in Real Estate

August 31, 2018

Ask almost any successful person about the quickest, most efficient ways to build wealth and they’ll point you to real estate. Chances are, you know this and have thought about investing in real estate in the past – but something is holding you back.

Home savings, budget concept. Model house, notepad, pen, calculator and

Budgeting Maintenance for Your Rental Property

August 29, 2018

Novice landlords often absorb the myth that any income earned from your rental properties is profit. If you’re realistic, though, there’s a lot more to the picture. Budgeting is a big part of it. The income you earn from each unit may partly qualify as profit, but a good percentage also goes back into the… [Read More]

family running to new house

How to Avoid Bias When Purchasing a Home

August 27, 2018

Unfortunately, the human mind is not a perfect instrument for making decisions. Our brains are hard-wired with cognitive biases that affect the rationality of our decisions, whether we like it or not. Learning to overcome these biases is not as simple as flipping a switch.

Wood house model, coins, eyeglasses and saving account book or financial statement on office desk table

How to Accurately Estimate Repair Costs on a House Flip

August 24, 2018

House flipping is something every real estate investor has thought about trying at one point or another. It offers a chance for huge returns over a short period of time, but it can also prove to be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing when doing a house flip. In addition to picking the… [Read More]

9 Reasons You Might Accept a Lower-Priced Offer on Your Home

9 Reasons You Might Accept a Lower-Priced Offer on Your Home

August 22, 2018

As a seller, you’re obviously inclined to accept the highest-priced offer you can. In a competitive seller’s market, you might receive lots of offers at once, with some of them going well over your initial asking price. Even in a buyer’s market, with plenty of inventory to choose from, you may be forced to consider… [Read More]

Couple moving into new house

8 Tips and Lessons for a Successful Home Renovation Demolition

August 20, 2018

If you’ve spent time watching HGTV or DIY Network, then you’re familiar with remodeling demolitions. In the Hollywood version, contractors grab sledgehammers and start ripping through drywall and cabinets. You’ll get an opportunity to put a sledgehammer through drywall in your own demolition, but the process isn’t quite as simple or careless as it looks.

Safety First

8 Safety and Security Tips for Landlords

August 17, 2018

When you live a quiet, comfortable life without much conflict or trouble, it’s easy to feel like the world is good and everything is fine. However, when you start to interact with people from all different walks of life, you’ll realize that not everyone has the same good intentions and peaceful mentality. Don’t let this… [Read More]

Cosmetic Problems You Can Easily Fix After Buying

8 Cosmetic Problems You Can Easily Fix After Buying

August 15, 2018

A lot of people have an unrealistic view of what the home buying process looks like – particularly if it’s their first time buying a home, or they have a past experience in which everything went swimmingly.


7 Tips for Choosing and Working With the Perfect Builder

August 13, 2018

Have you ever dreamt of designing and building your own home? Do you have Pinterest boards filled with ideas? Do you look at homes and think, I would have done that differently? Building a home certainly isn’t easy, but it’s also not as lofty of a goal as you might think. The most important step is… [Read More]

Architects working with blueprints in the office.

7 Things to Think About When Designing a Home

August 10, 2018

Building a house is a huge responsibility that comes with lots of pressure and decisions. While you have a team of people to handle the intricacies of the process – including an architect and builder – you have to think about the big picture and designing. The more strategically you think about your home’s design… [Read More]