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house plan with working tools. office work.

These Add-Ons Will Increase The Value Of Your Katy Rental Property

March 29, 2019

You want to increase the value of your property as much as possible. One of those methods is to upgrade or alter your property in a way that increases the value and brings you profit whether you rent or sell the property. By upgrading your property with add-ons (like bedrooms, bathrooms, and other extended areas),… [Read More]

Modern, luxury apartment building with glass balconies.

Why Smart Investors Choose Multi-Family Properties For Long-Term Income In Houston

March 27, 2019

Investing in any type of property in the Houston area requires careful consideration. No investment is problem-free, but some are easier than others. For instance, investing in a single-family home requires less effort than investing in a multi-family property. With a single-family home, you only need to find one tenant every few years and handle… [Read More]

Signing of rental agreement, couple meeting with real estate agent

How to Ensure Tenants Treat Your Property Like Their Own

March 25, 2019

Owning rental properties isn’t as simple or effortless as some are tempted to believe. There are undeniable perks and rewards, usually including a healthy return on investment, there are also numerous challenges and points of friction that are too easy to overlook. Traditionally, one of the biggest problems landlords encounter is the lack of concern… [Read More]

Home Improvements That Could Actually Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value

Home Improvements That Could Actually Hurt Your Home’s Resale Value

March 22, 2019

Styles come and go. Design trends fade, then re-emerge. Technology innovates and iterates. When you’re a homeowner, improvements, renovations, remodels, and additions enable you to keep your house up-to-date and functional. You may also generally assume that such tinkering will enhance the value upon resale. But this isn’t always the case.

Stump and cottage in meadow

8 Things to Think About Before Buying Land

March 20, 2019

Land is a scarce commodity, but there are always vacant lots and acreage available for purchase in the Houston area. Whether you want a half-acre lot in a residential neighborhood or a hundred-acre farm outside of Katy, you have options. But there’s a lot more to purchasing land than meets the eye.

Faster pay off your mortgage

6 Ways to Pay for a Home Improvement Project or Renovation

March 18, 2019

  Home ownership is a huge responsibility that entails a unique set of challenges as well as opportunities. Though there are plenty of advantages in owning a piece of real estate that you may assume will increase in value as time passes, the house won’t take care of itself. In order to maintain and increase… [Read More]

Red For Rent Real Estate Sign in Front House

Marketing To Short-Term Tenants: Focus On Attractions

March 15, 2019

Southern cities are popular with short-term tenants, particularly older “snow birds” who flock to warmer climes, but whether you want to attract snow birds to your properties or hope to reach a broader group of short-term tenants, you need to leverage your location. But what attracts travelers to your location? By learning to see your… [Read More]

Computer Tablet with Master Bathroom Design Over House Plans, Pencil and Compass.

11 Renovations That Will Actually Hurt Your Property Values in Houston

March 13, 2019

When you’re a homeowner, you can update your residence in any way you like. But just because you can picture an update, that doesn’t mean you should do it. Every renovation you make should be calculated to raise your property value, at least if you want to sell your home someday and land on your feet…. [Read More]

Businessman Shaking Hands At Interview

18 Questions to Ask a Prospective Property Manager in Houston

March 11, 2019

You should take great pride in your rental investment. You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and research to find a good Houston property, so hiring a well-qualified property manager to take care of it will set you up for either success or failure. At Green Residential, we’d like you to hire us as your… [Read More]

New multi-family block with balconies, bright facade and wooden panels.

Too Close For Comfort? 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Live In Your Multifamily Property

March 8, 2019

As a landlord, how close should you be with your tenants? This is a point of significant contention among real estate professionals, as well as between individual landlords and their tenants, but the general consensus is that the relationship should be professional. Certainly landlords want to be liked and know some person information about their… [Read More]