Eli Holt - Repair and Maintenance Coordinator

Eli Holt

Repair & Maintenance Coordinator

Eli is a Green Residential Repair & Maintenance Coordinator. He helps to keep our clients’ properties in good condition by communicating with owners, tenants, and contractors about updates needed. Prior to joining Green Residential he graduated from Webster University with a B.A. in Marketing/Advertising/ Communications. He worked for the federal government for eight years and also has two years of experience with major motion picture promotions.

Practice Area:

Repair & Maintenance

Words to live by:

Don't be pushed by your problems; instead be led by your dreams.

All-time favorite movie:

Forest Gump

Interests outside of work:

Traveling, working out, playing video game, relaxing on the weekends, all sports, exploring music and video creation/editing.

What was your first job?


What music/bands do you like to listen to?

Anything with a good melody, tone and beat.