Justin Zamora

Rent Collection & Security Deposit Coordinator

Justin is a Green Residential Rent Collection & Security Deposit Coordinator. He helps with reconciling security deposits and he also works with owners and tenants to make sure that rent collection issues & questions are handled appropriately. Prior to joining Green Residential he worked  as a Human Resources Specialist in the Texas Army National Guard for 6 Years, with experience as a Project Lead, Scheduling Coordinator and Administrative Manager.

Practice Area:

Rent Collections & Security Deposit Reconciliations

Words to live by:

When times are rough, they can only get better with dedication and time.

All-time favorite movie:

The Rock (1995)

Interests outside of work:

He enjoys spending time with his children. He also enjoys coaching teams, painting, bowling, house projects, paintballing and loves to watch movies. He also enjoys attending his kids sports events on the weekends.

What was your first job?

Worked as a Baseball Umpire for Greater Houston Select Baseball

What music/bands do you like to listen to?

Opera to rap