Wendy Willis

Director of Make Readies

Wendy is the Director of Make Readies at Green Residential, coordinating make readies for our rental homes. Wendy spends most of her day communicating with tenants, owners, and contractors, making sure make readies are planned, scheduled, and executed appropriately. Wendy was a housewife for 25 years, raising three daughters with her husband, Steve, and is well-versed in general handyman repairs around homes.

Practice Area:

Make Readies

Words to live by:

Live life to the fullest, because you only live once.

All time favorite movie:

Anything with Johnny Depp or a younger John Travolta

Interests outside of work:

Country dancing, bowling, and spending time with her family and three dogs

What was your first job?

Cashier at Braum’s

What music/bands do you like to listen to?

Classic Rock and Pop