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katy texas home owner renting out her home

Attract a Tenant Fast! Tips for Filling a Vacant Rental Property

February 5, 2016

As a rental property owner, you are concerned with many aspects of your property and its management, but none as great as making sure it’s rented. Owning a rental property presents the challenge of filling vacancies quickly and with well-suited tenants. After all, you want to maximize your profit and minimize anxiety.

14 Resolutions Landlords Should Make Now

February 3, 2016

Right now, the country is experiencing what experts like to call rental nation. It’s an apparent rise in the number of renters versus homebuyers, which has put the number of renters at an all-time high and the number of homebuyers at the lowest it’s been since 1967. As a result, more rental properties and landlords… [Read More]

katy texas rental home and keys

10 Lessons We Learned from the 2015 Housing Market

February 1, 2016

Has it really been 8 years since the last major recession when the housing market crashed? The market has grown considerably since that time, and last year was considered to be one of the best in years. Lenders are feeling more generous with their money and homebuyers are less frightened of taking out a loan… [Read More]

lease agreement for woodlands texas residential home

What to Do When Tenants Refuse to Leave

January 29, 2016

Sometimes tenants can be difficult; but as with most things in life, tenants are temporary. Or at least they should be. Unfortunately, as some unlucky landlords have found out, some problem tenants don’t want to leave. So what can you do? When dragging tenants out by their shirttails won’t do, it’s time to check into… [Read More]

houston property manager accepts online tenant payments

The How and Why Behind Online Rental Payments

January 27, 2016

As a landlord, one of the biggest stressors is collecting rent. Even if it typically gets paid on time, you’re still left with a little anxiety at the beginning of each month. The reality is that it’s just not efficient to collect rent through the mail or in person. If you want to make the… [Read More]

beautiful foyer of luxury woodlands home for sale

Set The Stage: 9 Home Staging Tips That Will Sell Your Property Faster

January 25, 2016

If you’re looking to sell one of your properties, appearances are everything, or almost. That’s why staging is such a key part of the home sales process. Staging refers to setting up your home in a visually appealing way. While some staging advice will cost you a pretty penny, there are plenty of ways to… [Read More]

sugar land texas exterior view of home for sale with sign

How to Write Killer Rental Listings That Convert

January 22, 2016

Being able to differentiate your rental listings from the hundreds of other local property listings in circulation is a skill that every landlord needs to hone. It’s not an easy skill to perfect, but it’s important, nonetheless. The ability to write high converting listings with descriptive and compelling language is something that can really set… [Read More]

katy tx residential down payment calculator

How Much House Can You Really Afford?

January 20, 2016

For many landlords, the initial draw of buying properties to rent out comes from the naïve idea that these homes will always bring in surplus income. The idea of collecting rent is that the home will pay for itself, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality. If all goes well, renting will help you recoup costs… [Read More]

houston residential home image

Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Family Property Investments

January 18, 2016

While most people think about single-family homes when looking at real estate investments, multi-family properties often bring better returns. The issue is that there are typically fewer of these properties available and they require a little more knowledge and research. If you’re a real estate investor looking to diversify your investments and incorporate a handful… [Read More]

houston residential market follows the oil and gas market

15 Common Mistakes Made When Flipping a House

January 15, 2016

House flipping is a continually growing trend, fueled by HGTV shows like Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper. Savvy investors who like to work with their hands are looking for opportunities to flip rundown houses and turn a profit. However, turning a profit on a flipped home isn’t nearly as easy as reality stars make… [Read More]