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Justin Paone is a Green Residential Licensed Professional Home Inspector. He helps to keep clients’ homes in working condition.

Prior to joining Green Residential he worked more than 15 years in the construction industry, with experience as a project manager, contractor, and business owner.

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Our Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection for Buyers

Decision to buy

Before you make the decision to buy that house you owe it to yourself to get it inspected first.

Home inspections by professionally certified home inspectors can reveal critical information you need to know before you make that purchase.


A few of the advantages to getting a potential house inspected by professional home inspectors are:

  • A knowledge of deficiencies and general condition of the house you wish to purchase can aid you in making that important decision whether or not to buy.
  • Ability to negotiate repairs of known deficiencies with sellers.
  • The cost of the home inspections is minimal when compared to the cost of the repairs by forgoing thorough inspection services.



Green Residential’s top Home Inspectors have many years of experience in construction and will provide that seasoned professionalism when inspecting your potential home.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our home inspectors.

Home Inspection for Sellers

Inspected by the best Home Inspectors in Houston TX

Many buyers will want to have the home they wish to purchase inspected by a home inspection team. Home inspectors in Houston TX have standards of practice that they must follow.

These standards of practice dictate what must be inspected during home inspections at a minimum.

If you plan to put your home on the market, getting it inspected before you place that “for sale” sign in the front yard can provide you with a list of deficiencies you may wish to focus on repairing before it’s placed on the market.


A few advantages of getting your home inspected before putting it on the market include:

  • A knowledge of deficiencies, which can allow you to get estimates for repair.
  • Allows your repairs to be focused on repairs that will matter on an inspection report.
  • Can allow you to do your homework on pricing for repairs you may wish to have the buyer to perform.


Experience in construction

Green Residential’s home inspection team has years of experience in construction and will provide that seasoned professionalism you are looking for in home inspectors.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with your professional home inspector in Houston TX.

One Year Warranty Inspections


We offer a thorough inspection for newly constructed houses that are nearing the end of their one-year warranty.

This inspection will provide homeowners with deficiencies that the homeowner can notify the builder of prior to the expiration of the warranty.

Texas Professional Home Inspector

Green Residential’s home inspector is a Texas Professional Home Inspector with years of experience in residential construction and commercial inspections.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Single System Inspections

You may not need the whole house inspected, but you have concerns about a specific system, or part of the house and would like to have it inspected. If this is you we can help.

Single system inspections

We offer single system inspections. These include:

  • Foundation
  • Framing/structure
  • Building enclosures
  • Roof systems
  • Plumbing system
  • Residential electrical system
  • HVAC system
  • A single residential appliance

New House Construction Inspections

Third Party Inspection

If you are building a house having a third party thorough home inspection by certified inspectors can help insure your house is built right. Houses are built by people and sometimes people make mistakes.

Some municipalities have inspectors who can catch these mistakes, however, in many areas there are NO inspections on a new house construction.

Building process inspectors

Even in common areas that do have inspections as part of the building process inspectors have tight schedules, they must keep limiting the time they are able to devote to their inspections and thus the time to catch errors.

Third party inspector

Having a third party inspector working on your behalf can provide an additional set of trained eyes that will help catch mistakes while they are easy to correct. Inspection services of new construction is done in three phases conducted at key points in the construction process. These phases are:

Phase I:

Inspection of the foundation before cement is poured. This inspection examines the installation of rebar, tension cables, organic material such as roots in foundation area, grade beams, proper sleeving and installation of rough plumbing penetrations, integrity of moisture barrier etc. Catching errors at this point before it is literally “cast in stone” can be worth the cost of an inspection.

Phase II:

Pre-drywall inspection. This inspection examines the framing of the house. It also includes an inspection of the various roughed-in systems in the house such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.

Phase III:

This is the final inspection and is a whole house inspection. In this phase the structure is examined, and systems and appliances are tested for proper operation. Finishes are examined. This is a detailed summary inspection report of the entire house.

Apartment Inspections

Whether it’s a single unit or the entire apartment complex we can inspect it!

Our professional inspection service will provide you with the critical information you need to know about the condition of the structure and its systems that you cannot afford to overlook. Contact our real estate agents in Houston and surrounding areas who will answer any questions you have about buying a new home. Experience our excellent customer service today!

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What is included in a standard residential real estate inspection?

Structural Systems

HVAC System



Residential Electrical System

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