This Property Management FAQ section was designed to help you navigate some of the difficult questions that come up in the day-to-day life of property management. No question is too small, and we try to address as many as possible in the drop-downs below. For more helpful information, visit the Green Residential Blog for updated property management information and articles!

Owner FAQs

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Can I schedule periodic maintenance in advance?
Do you charge any start-up fees?
Why should I hire a property management company?
What do I need to do to my home to make it ready for showings?
How will you advertise my house for lease?
How can I figure out what my home will rent for?
What property management services do you provide?
What services are included for the leasing commission?
Do you markup the cost of repair and maintenance charges?
How do I evict a tenant?
What do you charge to evict an existing tenant?
How do you reduce the risk of a tenant not paying rent or damaging property?
What do you do if a tenant needs to break a lease?
Should I buy a home warranty?
Do I need to buy special insurance as a Landlord?
Why name Green as an interested party on my Landlord’s insurance policy?
When will I receive a distribution each month?
What kind of accounting statement will I receive each month?
Are your repair & maintenance personnel employees or contractors?