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The 10 Biggest Mistakes a Landlord Can Make

The 10 Biggest Mistakes a Landlord Can Make

May 24, 2016

To an outsider, someone who glances at the raw numbers of property management, being a landlord might seem fairly easy. All you have to do is buy the property, find someone to live in it, and pull in the profits, right?

katy texas home in the palm of realtor hands

Around The Clock Repairs: The Value Of On-Site Maintenance

April 13, 2016

No one likes when something goes awry, but when your ceiling develops a leak just as you’re getting into bed or the toilet overflows on a Saturday afternoon, the issue is extra inconvenient. After all, who’s going to come fix the problem at this hour? When property management companies offer 24/7 repair help, however, someone… [Read More]

Residential replacement windows

Room With A View: 7 Things to Know About Home Window Replacement

February 25, 2016

People are instinctively drawn to natural light. Without the sun, life on earth would be impossible, and people subconsciously realize this when shopping for a home. Apartments and houses with more windows and natural light are appealing to prospective tenants and buyers. You may not be able to increase square footage, but you can give… [Read More]

The Ins and Outs of Landlord Insurance

The Ins and Outs of Landlord Insurance

July 9, 2015

Though most landlords will tell you their job is rewarding, they’ll also tell you it’s not without great personal risk, and that landlord insurance is one of the best investments you can make. A simple policy can mean the difference between seeing a profit and shelling out thousands a month for legal and property damages…. [Read More]

Houston property manager giving a residential tenant an eviction notice

10 Landlord Mistakes That Call for a Professional Property Manager

June 11, 2015

When you’re a landlord, there are two categories of mistakes you risk making. The first is small and not very costly. These consist largely of learning experiences that don’t have any significant impact on your cash flow or stability. The second category can be deadly, though. These are the mistakes that will land you in… [Read More]

Your Rental Home’s Carpet Last Longer

7 Ways to Make Your Rental Home’s Carpet Last Longer

May 7, 2015

As experienced landlords know, carpet can take a beating. In fact, it’s arguably the most heavily used item in the home and requires frequent replacing. By understanding the causes of damaged carpet and following a few simple rules, you can extend the life of your carpet, keep tenants satisfied, and save money.

Turning Your Basement into a Rental Property

12 Tips for Turning Your Basement into a Rental Property

March 17, 2015

When many homes get built, the owners may opt not to finish the basement. They may put their washer and dryer in the basement and use the rest of the space for storage, but everything else goes upstairs.

When Renting Makes More Sense Than Selling

When Renting Makes More Sense Than Selling

February 3, 2015

When moving into a new home, people often choose to sell their previous residence. Most of the time, selling makes the most sense. There are situations, however, where it’s more beneficial to rent out the property instead. It’s important to look at all of the facts, especially when making such a big decision.

Being a Good Landlord

Being a Good Landlord: A Guide from Houston Property Management Companies

October 28, 2014

If you’re leasing your residential property for the first time, perhaps you’ve made it through the difficult first steps – preparing your property for rent, choosing and vetting your tenants, and making a deal with one of the many Houston property management companies. Now that the difficult part is over, you might be inclined to… [Read More]

Why Hire a Property Manager?

Why Hire a Property Manager?

July 16, 2014

Are you tired of being forced to sell your home every time you relocate for a temporary job assignment? Do you feel as if your current investments aren’t working hard enough for you? It may be time to think about leasing your home with the helpful support of a professional property manager.

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