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A Glimpse of Life in Fresno, Texas

Located just a 20- or 25-minute drive south of downtown Houston, Fresno, Texas is a census-designated place in Fort Bend County. However, it still remains an unincorporated community and is technically in the extra-territorial jurisdiction of Houston. The area is bordered by Houston to the north, Arcola to the south, Pearland to the east, and Missouri City to the west. 

History of Fresno

The history and origins of Fresno, Texas aren’t as well documented or known as some of the other incorporated communities in the Greater Houston area; however, from what we do know, it has come a long way. Reportedly, a settler from Fresno, California chose the name back in the 1800s and it’s stuck ever since. (Interestingly enough, nearby Pasadena, Texas also gets its name from a California city. Ironically, Texas and California are two of the most diametrically opposed states in the Union, yet the names serve as a connection.)

Located off of FM 521, which eventually changes names and leads directly into the heart of downtown Houston, Fresno was developed on land that was once surrounded by cotton plantations in the early 19th century. The town first acquired a post office in 1910 and then a telephone connection, hardware store, and general store four years later. Still, even with these minor signs of growth, the town was down to 10 residents and one business by 1933.

By 1936, three streets of dwellings were inhabited on both sides of FM 521 and the International-Great Northern Railroad served the area. This provided a minor, yet important boost to the town and the population rose to a new recorded high of 100 in 1946. The population stayed there until 1970 when it rose to 120.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the growth of nearby Houston had a trickle-down effect on Fresno and what was once nothing more than a speck on the map suddenly became a respectable town with a population of 3,182 in 1990 and 6,603 in 2000.

The success of Fresno in the 21st century can largely be attributed to its convenient location on FM 521. Over the years, a number of real estate developers have come in and built Fresno – and many surrounding towns – into bedroom communities that serve Houston and other larger cities in the area. It’s considered an ideal place for first-time homebuyers and those looking for affordable housing near the city.

Fresno Demographics 

As of last count, the population in Fresno had risen all the way to 19,069. That’s an astonishing 188 percent growth since 2000. Interestingly, the population skews female with just 45 percent of residents being male. And as you could guess, with lots of first-time buyers flocking to the area, the median resident age is just 30.6.

This century, the median household income has risen from a moderate $46,290 in 2000 to a healthy $70,790 today. The estimated per capita income is $22,924. This rise in income can be directly tied to the maturing level of education. More than 81 percent of Fresno residents have a high school diploma or higher, while 31 percent have at least a bachelor’s degree. Roughly 11 percent have some sort of graduate degree.

The population of Fresno is predominantly African American (58 percent) and Hispanic (33 percent). Roughly 5 percent of the population is white.

According to Areavibes, Fresno gets a 68 on the Livability index. For perspective, the Texas state average is 69, while the national average is 66. Fresno gets good grades for education and weather, passing grades for cost of living and employment, and failing grades for amenities, crime, and housing. 

Fresno Business Climate 

As previously mentioned, Fresno is very much a bedroom community. During the workday, the population actually decreases by approximately 9,428. There are only an estimated 526 people who live and work in Fresno. The average commute time to work is 34.4 minutes, which indicates that many travel into downtown Houston or one of the surrounding business districts in Greater Houston.

For males in Fresno, the most common industries are transportation and warehousing, construction, and retail trade. Specifically, the most common occupations are transportation, construction and extraction, and office and administrative support.

For females, the most common industries are health care and social assistance, education, and retail trade. The most common occupations are office and administrative support, educational roles, and business and financial operations. 

Fresno Schools 

School aged children in Fresno are served by the Fort Bend Independent School District. Three elementary schools are connected to Fresno: Luke Belle Goodman Elementary School, Burton Elementary School, and Rosa Parks Elementary School. Middle school students attend Lake Olympia Middle School or Billy Blaines Middle School. The two major high schools for the area are Hightower High School in Missouri City and Ridge Point High School in the community of Sienna Plantation.

According to GreatSchools, Fresno schools get an average grade of 6 out of 10 on the rating scale. Rosa Parks Elementary is considered the best, with a 7 out of 10. 

As for higher education, there are a number of colleges and universities in the area. Those located within 20 miles of Fresno and with at least 2,000 students include Houston Baptist University, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Rice University, The Art Institute of Houston, Texas Southern University, University of Houston, and University of St. Thomas. 

Things to Do in and Around Fresno 

While there isn’t a whole of entertainment inside of Fresno, there’s plenty to do in Houston and the adjacent communities. Let’s check out some of the top attractions to give you an idea of what the area offers.

  • Quail Valley Golf. If you’re a golfer, you’ll absolutely love Quail Valley. It hosts two of Houston’s top golf courses, a world-class restaurant, and a 25,000 square foot clubhouse that frequently hosts weddings and other events.


  • Sri Meenakshi Temple. Looking for something unique to experience? The Sri Meenakshi Temple in nearby Pearland will make you wonder if you’re still in Texas. The temple was first opened as a place of worship for local residents and has now expanded into a 23-acre site where visitors can learn about Hindu culture.


  • John Hargrove Environmental Complex & Wetlands. Ignite your inner nature lover and check out the John Hargrove Environmental Complex & Wetlands in Pearland, which offers bird watching opportunities, walking trails, and fresh local produce. It’s definitely worth the visit.


Fresno Real Estate Market 

The Fresno real estate market definitely isn’t as highly sought after as some of the neighboring communities, but it’s definitely affordable – which makes it quite attractive to younger buyers and those on a budget. 

According to Neighborhood Scout, the median home value in Fresno is $153,105. A whopping 82.8 percent of homes are owner occupied, while just 17.2 percent are renter occupied. The average market rent hovers around $1,565 per month. The majority of homes have been built since 2000, while single-family homes make up 85.3 percent of all dwellings. Fresno real estate has appreciated 62.26 percent since 2000, which equals an average annual rate of 2.85 percent. 

Movoto is a little more owner friendly with the numbers they use. According to the data on their site, the median list price for homes on the market is $219,924. That equals roughly $97 per square foot.

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