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What You Need to Know About Investing in Sugar Land Real Estate

If you’re looking for an excellent investment property in the Houston area, Sugar Land is a great option. Located about 30 minutes southwest of Houston, it’s one of the fastest growing and economically stable cities in the state.

Before you purchase, however, here are some things that might interest you about Sugar Land, its economy, and real estate.

A Brief History

As the name suggests, Sugar Land got its start as a sugar plantation in the middle of the 19th century. It was nothing but a few farms until a century later when it incorporated as a city in 1959.

An interesting fact about Sugar Land is that it was a town for nearly 50 years before it was officially incorporated with a population of barely 2,200. Now, it’s larger than 84,500.

Like most cities in the Houston area, Sugar Land truly began to grow when the railroad came. At that point, retailers and other businesses took off. It’s still a fairly residential suburb, but Imperial Sugar maintains its headquarters here, which supports a strong economy and growth.

Things Renters Will Love in Sugar Land

Those who like a quieter lifestyle will enjoy the peaceful parks, museums, and history of Sugar Land. There’s plenty to do without being overwhelmed by metro life.

Sugar Land Memorial Park consists of a dog park, playground, and walking trail. Surrounded by wood and marshlands, it’s a great place for animal sightings — including alligators!

For affordable family fun, visit the new stadium, Constellation Field, which hosts the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League of Professorial Baseball. Lacrosse, soccer, cheerleading, football, and concerts can also entertain up to 9,500 guests. Admission prices aren’t high, so fans in the Houston metro area travel for miles to visit.

Every city needs a good museum, and Houston Museum of Natural Science, located in Sugar Land, fills the bill. Aside from wedding reception and event space to rent, various permanent and rotating displays offer something new to enjoy with each visit.

The fossil collection is one of the permanent exhibits, and it’s ranked among the top five fossil exhibits in the nation. There’s also a fragment from the 2011 Allende meteorite: a piece of space rock that contains krotite, a recently discovered and rare mineral. Scientists come from everywhere view it.

Though the Smart Financial Centre sounds like a place you’d go to get financial tips, it’s actually an event center that hosts many big names throughout the year. By the end of 2017, the Centre will have featured Steve Martin, Rod Stewart, Adam Sandler, the Avett Brothers, Jay Leno, Journey, and more. The schedule is always worth a look.

If you want renters with children, make sure to mention Techno Chaos, which has explorative and scientific experiences and play stations for children. The “Play Set” has more than 500,000 Legos, and an assortment of robotic, electronic, programming, and 3D printing activities that children of all ages will enjoy.

If none of those appeal to your renters, there’s plenty of sightseeing. They can explore locally or drive the 30 minutes to Houston proper, for plenty of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Most people find the quiet entertainment in Sugar Land is enough for an evening or weekend outing.

Strong Economy

Despite Sugar Land’s rural feel, it’s a rapidly growing sector of Houston supported by a series of small and large businesses to keep residents employed. The majority of jobs require a high level of education, which means a highly educated community. About 55 percent of the city’s residents have earned a bachelor’s degree.

Aside from the high-profile jobs, the city government has promoted an economic development program in recent years. It’s pushed the initiative aggressively, and attracted several premiere firms, including Fluor enterprises, which employs nearly 3,000.

Fortune 500 companies like GE Oil and Gas, Crown Cork & Seal, SABIC Technology Center, Texas Instruments, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Nalco Champion, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Aetna also have facilities here. Sugar Land hosts the headquarters for Minute Maid, Accredo Packaging, Inc., Healix, Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, and other excellent companies.

These organizations sustain thousands of jobs and a solid economy without killing the rural ambience that so many residents love.

Top-Rated School District

This region boasts of some of the finest schools in Texas, and Sugar Land schools rank number four in the Houston Metro area. Most rating sites give Sugar Land’s 74 schools, from elementary to high schools, a 8 out of 10 for academics, activities, teachers, diversity, college readiness, and health and safety.

This is a major attraction for potential renters, especially young families. The most prominent school district in Sugar Land is Fort Bend ISD. Student attendance depends on geographic location; however, a unique facet of this school district is that high school students can choose their school based on the academic program that helps them prepare for college.

Master-Planned, Affordable Real Estate

If you’re considering real estate investments, Sugar Land is a solid option. Properties are affordable, but appreciating at a steady rate. Over the next decade, prices are projected to jump, so you’ll be glad you made the purchase now.

Sugar Land homes are a little more expensive than the rest of the Houston area on average: nearly $320,000 with low property taxes. Since the unemployment rate is low and most residents make a higher-than-average living, it’s not difficult to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

If you’re investing, rental prices have soared to about $1,750 per month. What you can charge will depend on the property and circumstances, but you should have plenty to pay the mortgage with a healthy balance left over.

When you hire property managers to maintain and secure your holdings, you can chart even better profits. Planned neighborhoods within Sugar Land keep the area looking clean, well-kept, and beautiful. They offer a family-friendly atmosphere via parks, clubhouses, recreation centers, and community pools.

Trees line the sidewalks and streets lined, and they’re all maintained by the city. This creates a low-key, suburban feel that renters who seek quieter lifestyle love.

Sugar Land also has more than 560 acres of developed park land. The parks are, for the most part, maintained by the municipal government and free for use.

Safe Neighborhoods

Levels of criminal activity are low here, whether violent or nonviolent. It’s regarded as one of the safest communities in the greater Houston area.

In the past year, there have only been five reports of theft and three of burglary, which must make residents of this quiet suburban town feel incredibly safe. On average, only 18 crimes are committed per 1,000 residents and only one in 1,000 chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

This is much better than the Texas average of one in 243 odds of being victimized by violent crime across the state of Texas. Safe neighborhoods will always be a huge draw to renters and homebuyers alike, which translates to safe investments.

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