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I just rented an apartment through Green Residential and was pleasantly surprised at their professionalism and the prompt response I received anytime I had a question. I worked specifically with Kelsey, who was always helpful and provided all the information I needed. She made the process fast, easy, and free of any hassles or delays. If she didn’t have an answer to a question, she made it a point to find out and would get back to me quickly. Their online portal was easy to set up and makes it super convenient to manage my account, make payments, and submit any requests related to the apartment. Great service!

Darwin R.

Tenant — Houston, Texas

Star Star Star Star Star

Green Residential has been managing my property for the past 5 years. I am very satisfied with their support. The team is responsive and courteous. They are proactive and also come back fast if I have some clarifications or enquiries. Overall a great property management firm and I recommend to try them.

Anand A.

— Singapore

Star Star Star Star Star

Green Residential is hands down the best Property Management company that I have worked with. Our company has acquired over 1500 homes in multiple markets throughout the United States. Green Residential's operation is top notch. We have been very impressed with their communication and willingness to work with us to nail down streamlined processes. I highly recommend Green Residential for anyone looking to a solid Property Management Solution.

Danny P.

— Phoenix, Arizona

Star Star Star Star Star

Overwhelmingly happy with Green Residential. I always get quick responses from heir team and have been treated with courtesy and respect in every interaction. It can be challenging to find a competent property management company but it appears we have done so. I would recommend this team to anyone. Thanks to all of Green Residential for your hard work.

Nick C.

— Pasadena, California

Star Star Star Star Star

I switched my property management company to Green Residential one year ago and I'm really happy with their professional services. Their communication and follow up are great. I'm living overseas and it's hard for me to deal with a lot of matters and they helped me. My houses are not looked after by one member of the team but many members. They are very nice, very efficient, fast in response. They were quick to find me the tenants. I highly recommend them.

Lucie Q.

— China

Why Homeowners Trust Green Residential Property Management

We offer experienced residential property managers who can provide each of our clients with quality service that is tailored to meet their needs.

From leasing to tenant screening to repair & maintenance, we know exactly how to manage all aspects of residential rental property, making us a top choice for full service property management.

When you choose Green Residential, you choose a certified residential management company you can depend on.


Fast Responses

Experienced Team

Family Operated

Quality Repair Work

Honest Counsel

Responsible Tenants

Emergency Assistance

Cancel Anytime

No Hidden Fees

As Seen In

We’re not your average Austin property management company.

Residential Property Management Services Offered in Austin

Property Management

Property Management

At Green Residential, our flat-rate property management fee helps to keep your rental property profitable.

For your convenience, we make sure residential property owners receive an electronic accounting statement which includes a copy of any invoice paid during the previous month.

We invest in web-based technology to make sure our property management team responds promptly to requests from property owners, real investors, and tenants.

In addition, Green Residential minimizes the number of homes each property manager is responsible for managing. This allows our clients to receive the the highest quality of service property management.

Property Marketing

Property Marketing

Our professional leasing team , led by our experienced Austin property manager, ensures that each owner’s property has the best opportunity to be leased quickly.

These leasing services include rental price analysis, professional quality photography, listing home on the local MLS, and prompt responsiveness to potential applicant inquiries.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Our property management company, offers comprehensive tenant placement services, screening all prospective tenants at no cost to our clients.

We undergo tenant screening process based on their credit, employment, and rental history, as well as conducting a criminal background check.

We don’t collect a management fee if you aren’t paid, therefore we have an incentive to find the best quality tenants for you.

Rental Collection

Rental Collection

Our web-based technology allows us to collect rent from tenants electronically and distribute rent electronically to property owners at no additional charge to either party.

We assess late fees and send notices when a tenant fails to pay rent on time.

Eviction Services

Eviction Services

Evicting a tenant may be one of the most unpleasant parts of being a landlord, but the eviction process can also be vitally important.

Our clients can rely on our professional assistance when having to deal with this uncomfortable task.

Having this stressful task covered is just one benefit of enlisting the help of a property management company.

Repair & Maintenance

Repair & Maintenance

We provide clients with dependable, quality repair & maintenance services that can be trusted.

Our administrators and contractors are the best in their category whom we have worked with for years, guaranteeing top-notch service for all maintenance requests.

We understand how highly residential owners value their property, so we make sure to show their homes the amount of consideration and care they would themselves.

Our prompt repair & property maintenance program is one of the ways we excel.

Austin Property Management

Green Residential is a forward-thinking property management company dedicated to caring for investment properties with a people-first mindset. We provide owners, investors, and tenants with creative solutions, dependable guidance, and individualized support rooted in market-driven data and practical experience.

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What sets our real estate management services apart?

Affordable Flat-Rate Management Fee

24hr Support Line

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Industry-Leading Response Times

Monthly Accounting Statements

Comprehensive Property Inspections

No Obligation Contracts

Professional Quality Photography

The Benefits of Having Investment Properties in Austin and Surrounding Areas

Savvy investors have been putting their money into rental properties in Austin TX for the last several years. But it’s not just the Austin area benefiting from this increased attention on rental property management.

Thanks to relatively low interest rates, great buying conditions, and limited inventory, it’s been a fantastic time to invest in rental property as part of your overall investment portfolio. These are just some of the benefits of investing in rental property in Austin and surrounding areas:

Stable Income

Rising Real Estate Prices

Tangible Property

Portfolio Diversification

Contact us about a Free Rental Analysis today.

Our team of experienced Austin Rental Management Professionals is waiting to hear from you.


The Green Residential Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in building positive relationships with our clients. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason at any time, you may terminate our service penalty free with 30 days written notice.

Why Do Landlords Use Austin Property Management?

Landlords are using Austin property management companies to help them with rent collection, evictions, finding renters, analyzing property, and more.

Austin property management companies have a wide range of responsibilities, all of which are designed to take care of issues related to the property and maximize the value of the investment.

These are just some of the reasons why landlords rely so heavily on Austin property managers:

Time Savings

Reduced Stress

Expert Advice

Connection to Resources

Maximum Profitability

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