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Your Guide To Living In Kemah, Texas

Located along highway 146 and 96 in Northeast Galveston county, Kemah is a small town with a total area of 1.91 square miles and is considered part of the Clear Lake Area. Sitting just twenty-five miles Northeast of Galveston, Kemah was once situated along the historical Southern Pacific Railroad where the original settlers would sell seashells to the railroad for 75 cents per rail car.

A shell reef several hundred feet long lined the city and extended further into the ocean, giving rise to the town’s nickname, “Shell Siding.”

Mysterious beginnings

The city of Kemah got its start in August 1824 when a 177-acre piece of land along Galveston Bay was granted to a farmer and stockraiser named Michael Gouldrich. However, Gouldrich mysteriously disappeared and the land was taken over by a man who sold it to an Alamo fighter named John Flanders. He appropriately named the land “Flanders Grove.”

John Flanders died, and the land exchanged hands multiple times until it was eventually sold to the Kipp and Bradford families in the mid 1800s. When they portioned the land off into smaller parcels, the town became known as “Evergreen.”

A strong city in hard times

When the tragedy of the 1900 Galveston hurricane hit, the Kipps and Bradfords evacuated, and a year later came back to restore what had been lost. Working together, they rebuilt the town and built their own two story houses with large front porches to relax on.

When they discovered that another town already existed with the name “Evergreen,” they had to choose a different name for the town (in order to have a local post office). So, they chose the name “Kemah” which is a Karankawa Indian word that means “wind in my face.”

Old town roots

For about three decades between the 1920s and 1950s, Kemah was a booming tourist town. There was a boardwalk complete with casinos and restaurant venues like the Chili Bowl and the Kemah Den. When the casinos were shut down in the 1950s, the whole tourist aspect of the town came to a halt. That halt wouldn’t last forever, though. In the 1990s the town became more than a tourist spot, it became a spot for recreation, complete with an amusement park on the boardwalk with plenty of restaurants, entertainment activities, and even an inn.

Kemah population and demographics

Kemah has a 100 percent urban population of 1,962 and the median resident age is 39 years. The median household income in Kemah is $78,281/year as of 2015, which is up from $51,620 in 2000.

The estimated median home value in 2015 was $181,575, which is also a steady climb from 2000 when the estimated median home value was just $124,300. The median gross rent in 2015 was $1,359.

Kemah has a population of 70.1% white, 17.7% Hispanic, 6.1% Asian, 4.4% black, and 0.3% American Indian.

Among the 25 and older population in Kemah, 92.1% have earned a high school diploma or higher, 37.2% have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 9.1% have earned a graduate or professional degree.

The unemployment rate in Kemah is 3.6% while the average commute time to work is 27.7 minutes.

Schools for Kemah residents

The city of Kemah is served by the Clear Creek Independent School District for grades K-12, with 47 schools and 37,396 students in this district. This district sits along the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, and the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

As the 29th largest school district in Texas, CCISD spans across 103 square miles and covers both Harris and Galveston counties. Decisions are always made in the best interest of the children, making CCISD one of the top school district choices for families in Texas.

Job market in Kemah

Due to the small town nature of Kemah, many residents hold jobs in nearby cities within Galveston and Harris county. The biggest jobs are found in construction, mining, oil, manufacturing, and production plants.

Family fun in Kemah

When you’re up for some wholesome fun, the Boardwalk is one of the best attractions for the whole family, and is also a popular choice for school field trips. The Boardwalk has waterfront restaurants, and fun rides for kids of all ages that spin, twist, drop and twirl.

You can experience marine life up close at the stingray reef, where you can pet and feed live stingrays. A program called “Rock the Dock” provides live music entertainment at night during some summer months, and you can always make your own group event with a birthday party or special occasion.

Some other family fun in Kemah includes:

  • Plenty of city parks to explore. With parks connecting green corridors with hiking and biking trails along the bayou, and live music at the Levitt Pavillion at Willow Waterhole Greenspace, expected to be completed by 2020, there’s no shortage of nature in this town.
  • Battleship Texas State historic site. Meet the battleship that took part in one of the biggest naval battles in the 20th century in both world wars. This magnificent piece of naval history is docked along the Houston Ship Channel and you and your family can walk the decks and picture what it must have been like to be on the ship as a sailor.
  • Galveston Duck Tours. You haven’t seen anything like this. On this duck tour, you get to be the duck. This tour starts off in a funny shaped blue and yellow tour bus that drives right into the water and turns into a boat, and your fearless leaders, aka captains, will take you along historic downtown and show you all the sights.


Spend a night out on the town

When the kids have had their fill of fun and you’re ready for a break, you can head out to the Clear Creek Vineyard to experience award winning wines, and listen to a wine ambassador tell the story of how the wines came to be.

You can even step up to the custom blending bar and learn how to blend multiple wines to create your own unique blend.

Moving to Kemah? Green Residential can help

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