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Here’s What You Should Know About Living in Pearland, Texas

Pearland was named for its pear trees, which grew in abundance in the early 1900s. This suburb of Houston came into existence thanks to the railroad, which brought pear farmers and business people to the area.

Since then, the village of Pearland has become one of the largest suburbs of Houston. Today, it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the US: it’s a great place to live, find a job, and raise a family.

There’s plenty of entertainment, good schools, and steady economic growth. Pearland is the perfect place to buy a house for investment and/or rental purposes.

Growth Secured Through the Railroad

Pearland’s impressive growth began in the late 1800s when a wealthy businessman from Brazoria County prepared land for a railroad depot. He saw the potential for growth, but needed a way to encourage more residents.

Pears and other fruits became the residential marketing scheme. Businessmen planted fruit trees all over the region, then advertised Pearland as an excellent place to make a living growing fruit.

After that, settlers came via the railroad: first to plant pear trees starting in 1894 and again in 1910 to plant oranges. Other fruit trees helped to create a stable economy.

Growth has continued since, thanks to fruit, oil, and proximity to Houston and eventually NASA. In 1960, Pearland had a population of just 1,497 people. Twenty years later, it had leaped to 13,248. Now the city is estimated to host more than 108,000 residents, so it’s the largest city in the Houston metro area.

15th Fastest-Growing City in the Nation

The rapid growth didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the country. In 2014, Pearland was named the 15th fastest-growing city in the US. From 2000 to 2015, the population grew 482 percent, from 30,000 to 108,000.

That growth spurt was attributable to various factors. The suburb is located near NASA as well as the Texas Medical Center. It has good school districts and is regarded as safer than most.

It’s categorized as a suburb, but the plentiful shopping and other amenities don’t feel particularly rural.

Real Estate in Pearland

Texas has long been known for low home prices, and Pearland is characteristic. At $249,156, average home price is well below the national average. But prices are higher than many other markets in Texas, by about 37 percent, and the cost of living averages about 6.2 percent higher than the national rate.

If you’re an investor, this is excellent news. The economic stability and steady, fast growth make Pearland a great place to shop for income properties.

Based on predictive models, you’re nearly guaranteed to profit from the rapidly improving home prices. In last 10 years, home values have increased 26.18 percent.

The cost of living and higher-than-average Texas home prices shouldn’t pose much difficulty for residents. The median income in the area is high, with plenty of educated jobs, so they attract people to rent and live in Pearland.

Stable Economy and Employment

After Houston, Pearland is the second biggest major employment center in the area. There are thousands of jobs, from NASA, Texas Medical Center, and Pearland Independent School District to a vast array of retail chain outlets.

Pearland’s school district is one of the largest in the nation. The teachers are well paid. There’s also a variety of clinics, hospitals, medical schools, and similar healthcare institutions throughout the area.

Pearland’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the US: less than 4 percent versus the national average of 5.2 percent. Jobs are increasing at a rate of .74 percent.

High-Ranking School District

Pearland Independent School District (ISD), which serves most of the city, is number three for quality schools in the Houston metro area. A small portion of the city is within Alvin ISD, which is solid but not quite as popular or well funded as Pearland ISD.

In terms of college preparedness, Pearland tops the charts. Test scores from Pearland ISD students are 41 percent higher than the national average, and the graduation rate is 16 percent higher.

The dropout rate is also low, at less than 10 percent. After 90 percent of students finish high school, 46 percent go on to complete a four-year degree.

Pearland ISD ranks high for great teachers, school activities, and college-readiness. The district is in a great location. People will move across the state to put their kids in schools like these, and that adds value to real estate.

Excellent Healthcare

Some believe Pearland provides the best healthcare in Texas. The Memorial Hermann Hospital-Texas Medical Center stands at the center of this city, and it’s ranked number three among the best Texas hospitals.

There are other hospitals as well as educational institutions and clinics, to ensure top-quality care for residents without having to travel. This is a huge draw for potential homebuyers and renters.

A Very Safe City

Pearland sits low on U.S. crime indices. Safewise rates it the 24th safest city in Texas and the 33rd safest city in the nation. Violent crime rates are well below the nation’s average. In fact, total violent crimes here are one-third of what happens elsewhere.

Also, the odds of burglary, arson, and other non-violent crimes are small. There has been not a single arson in the last five years and fewer than 30 robberies. Most communities in the region maintain a neighborhood watch to protect their property.

Heavy Roadway Congestion

Heavy traffic is admittedly a concern for residents. Pearland’s been named the ninth most congested city in the US, thanks to daily commutes and road construction.

Because Pearland is growing so quickly, the need for roads and interstates to handle the population has doubled in less than 10 years. Road construction projects promise less congestion eventually, but they’ll slow your commute in the meantime.

Must-Dos in Pearland

Pearland offers all the big-city amenities so you don’t have to go to Houston. Residents enjoy all the following:

Crawfish Festival: Every April, Pearland hosts its annual Crawfish Festival. There’s live music, theatrical productions, delicious food, activities, and entertainment for everyone.

Restaurants: Pearland boasts of dozens of cuisine options, but the BBQ and Tex Mex take the prize. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Pearland, head just a few miles north to Houston proper, where you’ll find many more options.

Community Provisions: A major contributor to the safe, family-friendly Pearland environment are the community and recreation centers. One of the most popular is Pearland Recreation Center and Natatorium, which is a fancy name for community gym and pool.

City Parks: Check out 288 Lake, Centennial Park, Zychlinski Park, Shadow Creek Ranch and Nature Trail, and Independence Park. They’re great for jogging, watching kids play, waking the dog, or lazing on a weekend afternoon.

Shopping: Houston proper boasts the best shopping, but Pearland holds its own in retail. Pearland Town Center is an excellent mall to support other chain stores in the area.

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