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Searching Real Estate in Seabrook, TX? Here’s What You Should Know

Harris County, Texas is full of prime real estate, and Seabrook is a beautiful spot nestled on the edge. As the name suggests, Seabrook is located on the inlet portion of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a hopping spot with fish markets, antique shops, bed and breakfast establishments, and an old fashioned downtown area. This small town just off of the Houston metropolis would be a great place for anyone to live.

Seabrook’s Difficult History

The location makes it a very popular spot near the water, and Seabrook is famous in the Houston area for the fish markets that line the waterfront.

But Seabrook had a bit of a rough patch. Very shortly after it was established in 1895, the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 demolished the local school and other buildings. Many houses and shops were also destroyed, calling for a total rebuild of the area. By 1905, everything was back in working order and the population began to rise.

In 1929, the population reached about 560, a growth of 150 percent compared to 20 years earlier. However, the Great Depression struck, and dropped the population down to 200 people by 1936. There simply weren’t enough jobs and commerce opportunities to keep people in the city.

However, like many small towns throughout the United States, this beautiful waterfront paradise wasn’t beat by the Depression. Once people started getting their economic footing, the Albert and Ernest shipyard opened. It could handle 150 boats and provided hundreds of jobs. The population tripled in the span of a few years.

The final spurt of growth came when a bridge that linked Kemah and Seabrook was completed in 1961, allowing easier access to the town from those closer to the Houston area. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center opened the same year, and the connection drove the population up thousands. In just a year, the Seabrook was home to over 6,000 residents.

About 25 years later, another bridge was built to connect Seabrook to Texas State Highway 225 and 146. Thanks to this connection, Seabrook could grow to its current population of almost 14,000 people.

Seabrook Demographics

Seabrook covers a total area of 21.3 square miles, but the vast majority of this is on water. Only about 5.3 square miles are on land. Most of the surface area is in Harris County, but there’s a small portion of the water that’s located in Chambers County.

After almost a 300 percent increase in population between 1980 and now, the population was estimated at 13,716 at the 2015 census. Judging by the rapid growth in the area, the estimated population by the end of 2017 will likely be nearly 15,000 people.

Currently, the median household income for the city is about $85,319, well above the average in both the Texas and Houston area. Residents who commute to Houston typically hold white-collar jobs, but there are many blue-collar workers around the markets and dockyards.

About 88 percent of the population is white, so there’s not a lot of diversity here. About 10 percent are Hispanic and Latino, and a very small percentage are African American, Pacific Islander, Asian, Native American, and other races.

Jobs and Economy

Seabrook is located just 30 minutes from Houston, and it’s location on the water makes it the perfect resort-style vacation for nearby residents. The economic growth is stable, and the waterfront property is relatively affordable, which makes it a great climate for commercial development.

Seabrook is a great place to start a business, as evidenced by the many successful businesses located in the area. You’ll find all the businesses and shops you need from plumbing and insurance services to boating repair and antique stores. Houston is also located nearby, which brings a lot of tourism from the big city. Houston residents often spend holidays and weekends at the many accommodations lining the water.

There are plenty of shipyard, fisherman, and small business jobs available throughout Seabrook, which keeps the local economy alive. The NASA Johnson Space Center is also responsible for hundreds of resident jobs. Though the Space Center has a Houston zip code, it’s only 5 miles from Seabrook, which makes it an easy 10-minute commute for work.

Other areas of the Houston metro also provide plenty of jobs for Seabrook’s residents. As the fourth largest city in the U.S., it’s home to some major corporations, including oil giants like Phillips 66 and Conoco. There’s also Michaels, H.E.B, and a variety of other companies that provide thousands of jobs to the greater Houston area.

Education and School Districts

Seabrook is part of the Clear Creek Independent School District, and Seabrook’s schools are considered some of the best in the area. Schools including Bay Elementary School, Seabrook Intermediate School, and G. W. Robinson have an 8 out of 10 rating on There are a few private and charter schools in the area, but most students attend the public schools because of their excellent educational and extracurricular programs.

One of the most popular pulls of Seabrook Intermediate School is the Science Magnet Program. Students who have shown a particular talent for science can enjoy an enriched curriculum including hands-on science activities and field trips.

To aid this curriculum, the school has the Living Materials Center, which has more than 60 species of animals available for rescue, observation, and study. This resource is available to everyone in the school district.

Real Estate in Seabrook

As of 2015, the estimated median house value was $225,623, which is below the Houston area average of $265,000. This is great news considering the water front property, excellent schools, and great location near the Houston metro.

Rent prices were also very low at about $950. When you consider that the average Houston area rent prices are about $1,250 per month, this price is a steal.

The low real estate is a huge draw for renters and homeowners. You get the perks of living on the water without the major tourism and big city drama. Whether you’re looking to invest in real estate or live in Seabrook, you can find a great deal.

Hurricane Warning

Those looking into Seabrook real estate should be aware of the hurricane threats surrounding this area. In its history, Seabrook has experienced three major hurricanes, and it will likely be the victim of more in the future.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t purchase real estate in Seabrook, however. In fact, thanks to its location in the inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, it’s likely to incur less damage than other hurricane-zone locations.

Additionally, homes today can be built to fortify against the worst weather. There are also more modern day safety measures in place that improve the safety of residents. When purchasing property in this area, be sure that your real estate can literally weather the storm when it comes, and you’ll be in great shape!

Seabrook Area Attractions

The city of Seabrook doesn’t have a lot in the way of shopping and museums, but it’s filled with opportunities for outdoor recreation. People travel for miles to visit the touristy Kemah Boardwalk and the dozens of fisherman’s markets that line the shore.

There’s also excellent boating, birding, hiking, swimming, and biking for those who like to get outdoors. Sylvan Beach in Harris County is only a few minutes away with more than 2,000 feet of shoreline access. Seabrook is also known for its excellent park systems, and the city has 18 parks that cover more than 200 acres.

The Johnson Space Center is also worth a visit. You can experience space exploration first-hand while you wander around exhibits, try experiments, attend lectures, and wander the space museum.

If shopping, fine dining, and other city perks are more your thing, you’re only about 30 minutes from Houston. You can live in the comfort and beauty of Seabrook with all the access to big city amenities.

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