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Make Your Home In Stafford: Pro-Business, Pro-Pleasure, Pro-You

Stafford is a remarkable little corner of Texas, founded in 1820 by William J. Stafford, one of the original 300 families to settle in the area while it was still under Spanish rule. From those humble beginnings, what was then known as Stafford’s Point went on to become the terminal point for the first railroad line in Texas. The area grew slowly, until 1956 when the city was officially incorporated. Since then, the city has thrived, making the most of a close-knit community, significant economic successes, and innovative city management.

If you’re ready to make the move to a place that feels like home but rethinks the old traditions, Stafford is the place for you. Here’s an inside look at what makes this little city tick.

A Peak At Stafford

With a population of about 18,000 people as of 2014, Stafford is a relatively small city, but that’s part of what makes it such a friendly place to live. The city has a true neighborhood feel, unlike so many big cities. Household incomes in Stafford are also higher than the Texas average by nearly $10,000, averaging $64,650 a year per household. This makes for a very comfortable standard of living.

Another great thing about Stafford is that it’s a very diverse community. The city is split fairly even among Caucasian, Asian, Black and Latino residents and a significant portion of residents are fluent in languages other than and in addition to English; 17% speak Spanish at home and almost 28% speak a language other than English or Spanish at home.

In Stafford, the number of immigrants from India is actually larger than those from neighboring Texas, with other significant groups coming from the Philippines and Thailand. For those committed to living in a diverse, equitable city, Stafford is an ideal place to make your home.

Religious practice in Stafford is as varied as its residents. The city is home to churches representing numerous Christian denominations, including Baptists, Roman Catholics, and several nondenominational churches. There are Buddhist and Hindu temples, a Unitarian Church, and a thriving Islamic Cultural Center. Whether you’re active in a spiritual community or not, you’ll find community here.

A Home Rule City

The government of Stafford is slightly unusual, compared to other cities as it runs according to what’s known as a Home Rule Charter. Unlike the majority of cities, home rule cities look to state law only for prohibitions – unless the state has banned an action, the city has the right to go forward with it. They also rely on the concept of “inherent powers,” which are powers not directly granted by the state.

Though unfamiliar to many people, the concept of home rule gives the people and government of Stafford a lot of freedom to define how the city runs. This makes it an exciting place to live, and since it’s a fairly small community, most resident are actively engaged with the government.

No Property Taxes, Beautiful Properties

Stafford eliminated property taxes in 1995, making it the only Houston-area city without this standard mode of taxation and one of very few places across the country that has chosen to do without. In part, this has been an effective policy because it’s allowed Stafford to attract a wide variety of businesses to the area and the city supports itself on the resultant sales tax. Even without property tax, Stafford’s budget is in better shape than most cities that levy the fee.

So if there aren’t any property taxes, how are the properties themselves? Beautiful, spacious, and well-priced, as it turns out.

Stafford consists of primarily single-family homes, most with three to four bedrooms and sizeable lawns. Additionally, since Stafford is outside Houston proper, home prices are far lower than they would be in the urban center. Whether you’re moving here for business, education, or just a change of scenery, you’ll find plenty of affordable and charming options.

The Stafford School System    

Stafford is home to its own public school district, the Stafford Municipal School District, as well as sharing in Fort Bend ISD’s schools, and it offers a number of different schooling options for children of all ages. These include top performers, such as Meadows Elementary School, a pre-k through fifth school in the Fort Bend system, rated 8 out of 10 by, private options like Sugar Creek Montessori School, and upper-grade resources such as the College and Career Center at Stafford High School.

For high school graduates and adults looking to advance their education, Stafford offers several options. Many opt to attend the Stafford campus of Houston Community College, while those with a specific interest in business may opt to enroll at the Strayer University campus in the city.

A Thriving Business Center

Stafford’s thriving business community got off to a propitious start when Texas Instruments (TI) moved to the area in 1967. For many years, the company was the largest employer in the area, and though it’s since reduced operations significantly, TI helped establish Stafford as a thriving commercial center. NerdWallet even named Stafford the third best city for starting a business in Texas.

Nearly a quarter of Stafford’s population works in education and healthcare, with another sizeable portion in retail, finance, real estate, and manufacturing. According to the Stafford Economic Development Corporation, top employers include Fiserv, Baker-Hughes, Cardinal Health, and Sandvik Coromant. The employment opportunities are diverse and exciting, accommodating residents from many fields.

Life And Leisure In Stafford

As a family-friendly city, Stafford is home to countless parks, community spaces, and leisure activities. The city holds an annual two-day Fourth of July celebration, including a parade, hosts several youth sports teams, and has been working to develop additional community education and activities programming to meet the area’s needs.

The Stafford City Pool, located at the Civic Center, is a popular destination during the summer months, hosting pool parties, offering swimming lessons, and home to the Stingrays Swim Team. Residents also gather at Main Event Entertainment, where they can enjoy bowling, rock climbing, laser tag, and more. It’s a favorite with people of all ages.

Dining options in Stafford, Texas are simple, but still varied. When dining out, residents enjoy authentic Central and South American cuisine at restaurants such as Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse, Churrascos in neighboring Sugarland, and Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen. Sweet Tomatoes, a health-conscious stop, is also a favorite.

If you’re considering relocating to Stafford, Texas, contact Green Residential today. With years of experience working with Houston area property owners and comprehensive home search tool, we’ll guide you to the perfect property. Let’s make Stafford your home base!