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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Home in Tomball, Texas

Tomball, Texas, located in Harris County, is a relatively small town in the Houston metropolitan area. If you’re looking to buy a home or invest in property in the Houston area, it’s a region that offers intriguing options—and a market that supports buyers.


The city of Tomball is located approximately 33 miles northwest of downtown Houston. It’s only 11.9 square miles, bordered on the west by Texas Route 249 and on the south by Texas Route 99. Part of its coverage includes ponds and streams.


The history of Tomball is fascinating, making it an ideal place to invest for history buffs. The first pioneers to settle in Tomball were from Europe, around the mid-1800s. They chose the location because of the dense, lush forests that decorate the Spring Creek area; for some, it reminded them of the Black Forest of Germany. The rich soil of the area promoted ample farming and livestock, and the trees aided the development of a lucrative lumber industry.

After the town began to grow (thanks in part to its position on the railroad), it was named Peck, but that changed soon enough in 1907, when the town was renamed in honor of Thomas Ball. Ball, the man responsible for designating the railroad’s path and kick-starting the town’s prosperity, is still honored with its name today. As the “Father of the Port of Houston,” Ball is a prominent figure in all areas of Texas history.

The town grew at a steady pace until 1933, when the Humble Oil Company struck oil just outside of Tomball, and earned the city the nickname, “Oiltown, USA.” Humble Oil became the much more familiar-named Exxon, and gathered more than 20 other energy companies to work the fields in and around Tomball. So far, they’ve cumulatively produced more than 100 million barrels of oil and 316 billion cubic feet of natural gas.

Since then, Tomball has grown into more than just a small town railroad stop. It now enjoys a flourishing, diverse community driving its progress.


The population of Tomball is a little over 11,000, giving it a population density of 924 people per square mile, much lower than Houston proper’s 3,300. The population is mostly Caucasian, with 84 percent compared to Texas’s overall 74 percent, and the median age is 37. Crime rates are relatively low.

Most people in Tomball make between $40,000 and $60,000 per year, with a cost of living lower than that of downtown Houston and some of the costlier suburbs. However, the range of income is broad; there are people making six figures and people living below the poverty line.

Tomball sports a large retired population, with much of the older population drawing income largely from social security, retirement, and investments. The population has been steadily growing, and is projected to continue growing for the next several years.

School System

The school district is one of the best in the greater Houston area, rating a 7 out of 10 on GreatSchools. Tomball residents attend the Tomball Independent School District, which includes eight elementary schools: Tomball, Decker Prairie, Lakewood, Timber Creek, Creekside, Canyon Pointe, Willow Creek and Rosehill. There are four intermediate schools: Northpointe, Tomball, Creekside, Timbercreek, Oakland Intermediate, and two junior high schools: Tomball and Willow Wood Junior High Schools. Beyond that, there are two main high schools: Tomball High School and Tomball Memorial High School.

There are also several private schools in the northwest Houston area, including Concordia Lutheran High School. The Lone Star College system is also available for Tomball residents.


There are a number of parks in the Tomball area, exploring the city’s grassy plains, forests, and nearby ponds and streams. Some of the most notable parks include Railroad Depot and Plaza, Juergens Park, Jerry Matheson Park, Theis Attaway Nature Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Broussard Park, and the Wayne Stovall Sports Complex. Nearly all of these parks have trails for hiking, walking, and jogging, and access to playground equipment and/or picnic areas.

Amenities and Attractions

There are lots of things to do in Tomball including:

Tomball Museum Center. This historic area features many buildings that reflect the history of the town and 1800-era living.
Golf Courses. There are more than a dozen golf courses and driving ranges within driving distance of Tomball.
Local Theater Productions. You can see stage productions from the Lone Star College Center for the Arts.

You’re also just a short drive away from other local attractions northwest of Houston, including Vintage Park Shopping Center and Splashtown Waterpark.

The Housing Market

The median home price in Tomball is $195,000, compared to the overall Texas median of $152,000. Being such a historic town, many of the houses and buildings in the area are many decades old, with some dating back as far as the late 1800s. However, there are also newer developments to support the recent population growth. Overall, home prices have appreciated steadily for the past few years, and are expected to appreciate further as the town attracts more people.

Is Tomball Right for You?

Tomball may be the perfect place to invest in housing if:

You love the small-town vibe. If you’re looking for action and excitement, Tomball may not be the place for you. The area has a strong, charming small-town vibe, with friendly neighbors, a leisurely pace, and lots of open space.
You want an older population. Though there are people of all ages in Tomball, it hosts a markedly higher retired population than other cities in the surrounding area. If you’ve recently retired and are looking for peers, or if you prefer to rent to older tenants, Tomball could be the best place to buy your next property.
You appreciate the charm of older homes. While there are newer homes available in the Tomball area, the best deals you’ll find in the city will likely be homes that are at least a few decades old. If you prefer the rustic charm of older homes, Tomball could be your best bet.

Does Tomball sound like a perfect fit for your needs? If so, Green Residential has the perfect tool to begin your search. With our property search tool, you can discover the best properties Tomball has to offer and start planning for your investment today!