11 Reasons Tenants Want to Live in Round Rock, Texas

August 7, 2020 by Jorge Lopez

Reasons Tenants Want to Live in Round Rock

Are you on a mission to buy investment property in an area that attracts plenty of people? Investing in property in Round Rock, Texas fits that bill.

Just as there are plenty of things to do in Round Rock as a visitor, there are numerous reasons people pack up and move to Round Rock.

  1. Texas feels like home

Many people feel an inexplicable attraction to Texas because it feels like home. It could be the sweet tea, the warm weather, or the down-to-earth vibe some cities carry. Whatever the source of that feeling, it makes people never want to leave.

  1. Round Rock is close to Austin

The city of Austin, Texas has been experiencing rapid growth for many years. Since Austin is growing fast, many who initially want to move to Austin end up moving to nearby cities like Round Rock. Located about 25 minutes North of Austin, Round Rock is one of Austin’s most popular suburbs.

Why are people moving to Austin and the surrounding areas? The weather is beautiful and warm, the people are friendly, great music is widespread, and the job market is thriving. Although the coronavirus crisis has halted the economy, it will rebound eventually and the job market will resume.

The key to investing in Round Rock property is to buy homes that will appreciate in value within the next 5-10 years, which is how long it might take the housing market to bounce back from a COVID-19 recession.

  1. Tech companies are nearby

Investing in Round Rock property is a smart move considering all the tech companies nearby. For example, Samsung, Emerson, and Dell have campuses in the general area. Among the many people laid off from the coronavirus economic shutdown are people with tech degrees who experienced a layoff in the last several years. These people are ready to jump at the chance to get back in tech and will relocate for a good position.

Now that working from home is becoming common and businesses are saving money with remote teams, more tech companies will be hiring – including those who were previously laid off.

  1. There are large hospitals in Round Rock, Texas

While some people prefer to be close to a hospital because it makes them feel safe, others have health conditions that leave them with no choice. For people who fall into both categories, Round Rock is a great place to call home.

Recently, four Round Rock hospitals made it onto the U.S. News’ list of best hospitals. Those hospitals are:

  • Ascension Seton Williamson – general medicine and surgery
  • Baylor Scott and White Medical Center – general medicine and surgery
  • Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital – rehabilitation facility
  • St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center – general medicine and surgery
  1. Round Rock has a rich history

Like many cities in Texas, Round Rock carries an important part of history. For example, the Chisholm Trail used to transport cattle in the 19th century runs right through Round Rock. Also, the infamous train robber Sam Bass was killed in downtown Round Rock in a shootout. Bass and his gang were responsible for robbing several trains including the Union Pacific Railroad gold train.

  1. Round Rock has room to grow

While nearby Austin is growing by the day and some find it too crowded or overbuilt, Round Rock still has plenty of room to grow. There are many areas that have yet to be developed, and the city is starting to build more attractions like entertainment complexes near the freeways.

  1. Round Rock, Texas is more affordable than Austin

Of all the reasons people move, the cost of rent is a major determining factor. One of the best reasons to invest in Round Rock property is a lower cost of living. While that means you won’t collect as much rent as you would in Austin, you also won’t have to spend as much money to pay off and officially own your investment properties. 

By paying less for your rental properties, you have the opportunity to pay them off faster, especially if you have other sources of income. The sooner you pay off your rental property mortgages, the sooner your properties will become pure profit.

  1. Short commutes to Austin

People who move to Round Rock love that Austin is about a half hour away, depending on what part of the city they’re visiting. Short commutes are desirable for work and pleasure. People don’t want to go very far these days when they want to visit friends, go to a big city, or hang out in a thriving downtown area. 

  1. Round Rock permitting processes are fast

Like any city, there are no guarantees, but landlords have noticed a huge difference with the permitting process in Round Rock. Getting permits doesn’t take nearly as long as it does in cities like Houston and Austin.

If you’re planning on fixing and flipping, renovating, or building from scratch, the process will move faster in Round Rock.

  1. Round Rock has world-famous donuts

Some people can’t live without fresh donuts. Round Rock happens to be home to world-famous hand-rolled donuts, including the Texas Sized Round Rock Donut. Apparently, everything really is bigger in Texas!

  1. Nearby shopping

Everyone wants to be near shopping and Round Rock fills that need. The city of Round Rock has a busy outlet mall with 125 stores and is home to an exceptionally large Ikea store.

Ready to invest in Round Rock? Green Residential can help

If you’re ready to invest in Round Rock, we can help make your life easier. At Green Residential, we’re a full-service property management company committed to helping our clients buy and sell properties in the greater Houston area. 

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping landlords and investors create and maintain profitable investments. We handle all landlord duties including tenant screening, background checks, rent collection, evictions, repairs, and maintenance.

We can help you find a great deal on property in Round Rock, Texas. To learn more about the services we provide, contact us today!

Jorge Lopez

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