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A Beginners Guide to Investing in Duplexes

A Beginners Guide to Investing in Duplexes

July 2, 2015

As you know, no two real estate investors are the same. Everyone chooses to let their money work for them in different ways. There are dozens of unique specializations including apartment complexes, flipping, luxury home rentals, multifamily housing, vacation properties, and many more. However, for the beginner, certain options stand out above the rest. Multi-family… [Read More]

houston property management student housing

The Lucrative College Real Estate Investment Opportunity

June 30, 2015

Whether you have children who will be attending college or you’re simply a savvy investor on the lookout for diverse real estate investments, buying and renting college real estate can prove quite lucrative. However, it takes very careful research, a detailed plan for ongoing maintenance, and a strong stomach.

beautiful view overlooking ocean and mountains

7 Things to Consider When Investing in a Vacation Home

June 25, 2015

The idea of owning a vacation home is a luxury that few people are able to consider. However, if you find yourself fortunate enough to do so, you need to look at both the pros and cons and how they fit into your lifestyle. From a practical and financial standpoint, does investing in a vacation… [Read More]

Landlord insurance for residential rental property

8 Essential Tasks Landlords Should Perform on an Annual Basis

June 23, 2015

The last thing you want is an article that overwhelms you with your duties and obligations. This is not one of those. You know you have to stay on top of your rental properties on a regular basis. If you’re only inspecting them and reviewing financials every few years, you’re honestly missing out on potential… [Read More]

houston residential leasing tenant application rejection notice

Tips for Legally Denying a Tenant Application

June 18, 2015

The idea of denying or rejecting a tenant application is frightening to the average landlord. Most approach the issue with fear and trepidation and believe any slight misstep could land them in hot water. And, while this is true to some extent (you don’t want to illegally reject a tenant), there are plenty of ways… [Read More]

The Many Factors of Great Real Estate Location

The Many Factors of Great Real Estate Location

June 16, 2015

Everyone understands the importance of “location, location, location,” but not many grasp the specific factors that make one location better than another. If you’re a landlord or property investor, not being able to distinguish between the relative virtues of different properties can be financially risky.

Houston property manager giving a residential tenant an eviction notice

10 Landlord Mistakes That Call for a Professional Property Manager

June 11, 2015

When you’re a landlord, there are two categories of mistakes you risk making. The first is small and not very costly. These consist largely of learning experiences that don’t have any significant impact on your cash flow or stability. The second category can be deadly, though. These are the mistakes that will land you in… [Read More]

beautiful living room in Houston residential rental home

A Guide to Renting Out a Spare Bedroom

June 9, 2015

Do you have a large home with substantial unused square footage? Would you be interested in learning how to increase your cash flow each month and help pay the mortgage? If the answer to each of these questions is “yes,” you may want to consider renting out a spare bedroom in your home. However, it’s… [Read More]

houston property manager handing over residential house keys

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Being a Houston Landlord

June 4, 2015

Becoming a landlord is something many people (at least casually) think about once or twice in their lives. On the one hand, it can seem like easy, passive income, while on the other, it has the potential to be nightmarish and risky. Well, in certain situations, either end of the spectrum can be true. If… [Read More]

large walk in closet

10 Things Tenants are Looking for in Rental Properties

June 2, 2015

While much of the focus is on tenant screening when it comes to the landlord-tenant relationship, it’s important to remember that you’re ultimately responsible for attracting the tenants in the first place. That means setting yourself up for success by keeping in mind what aspects, amenities, and features prospective renters are looking for.