Empty Airbnb? Try These 10 Steps

November 9, 2023 by Tiffany Ferdus

_Empty Airbnb Try These 10 StepsAirbnb once dominated the market for being a new, fun, and trendy alternative to staying at a hotel or resort. For years, people found ways to capitalize on Airbnb properties – whether that meant renting out a basement, flipping a home, or even purchasing a brand new home. And for years, this strategy worked great. 

Then, the industry started to change. 

Whether it was people not traveling as much, the hotel/resort industries adjusting to the new competition, or too much inventory, many found their properties sitting vacant more often. If your Airbnb is not getting the bookings it once did, it’s crucial to assess the situation and implement strategic measures to get back on track.

This blog post will explore various strategies to help hosts navigate challenging times and bring their Airbnbs back to life.

Understand the Market Shifts

Before jumping into action, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind the decline in bookings. Look into the current market trends, local events, and changes in traveler behavior. Factors such as seasonal fluctuations, economic downturns, or new competition can impact the demand for Airbnb accommodations. Stay informed about the industry and gather insights into what your competitors are doing to adapt.

Evaluate and Update Your Listing

The first point of contact between hosts and potential guests is often the Airbnb listing. Revisit your listing and ensure it’s optimized to attract the right audience. SEO and options are changing all the time. Post high-quality photos, provide a detailed and compelling property description, and highlight unique features or amenities. 

Furthermore, engage with past guests to gather feedback and use positive reviews to boost your listing’s credibility. Ask them why they chose your property and what they liked, and then highlight those areas in your listing. You can even offer a future discount for the feedback. 

Diversify Your Offerings

If your property has attracted a specific type of guest, consider diversifying your offerings to appeal to a broader audience. For example, if your Airbnb has primarily targeted business travelers, explore ways to make your space family-friendly or suitable for vacationers. Adapting to different needs can open new markets and attract a broader range of guests.

At the same time, don’t lose your base customer. Completely renovating a home or highlighting different parts of a property can be good, but not if they eliminate 50% of your old audience. 

Implement Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing is crucial. Use social media platforms, create engaging content, and use targeted advertising to reach potential guests. Collaborate with local businesses or influencers to promote your property if you have something in particular that makes it stand out. 

Consider offering discounts. Even if they aren’t huge discounts, people love to see them, and it makes them feel like they are getting a one-time opportunity they can’t pass up. 

Enhance Guest Experience

A positive guest experience is critical to building a loyal customer base and receiving positive reviews. Assess your property from a guest’s perspective and identify areas for improvement. Consider providing extra amenities, enhancing cleanliness standards, and personalizing the guest experience. A satisfied guest is likelier to leave positive reviews and recommend your Airbnb to others.

A happy guest is also more likely to come back. You may be surprised how many guests are repeat guests if they are treated right. 

Offer Flexible Booking Options

In uncertain times, flexibility becomes a valuable asset. Consider offering flexible booking options, such as free cancellations or rescheduling. This can make potential guests more comfortable with booking, knowing they have the flexibility to adjust their plans if needed. Sure, it may be less convenient for you, but it’s much more problematic to have no guests.

Additionally, adapting your cancellation policy to align with market expectations can attract more bookings.

Stay Competitive with Pricing

Price competitiveness is a critical factor in attracting bookings. Research the pricing strategies of similar properties in your area and adjust your rates accordingly. While offering competitive prices, ensure that your value aligns with guest expectations. Don’t go too low. Otherwise, people may think something is wrong with the property or it’s spam. 

Engage with Past Guests and Build Loyalty

Your past guests can be your biggest advocates. Stay connected with them through personalized communication, newsletters, or exclusive offers. Building loyalty can result in repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth referrals. 

Consider implementing a loyalty program to reward returning guests and encourage them to choose your Airbnb for future stays. This could mean offering discounts, extra amenities, or later check-out times. This can be very effective with business travelers who travel to the area multiple times per year.

Optimize for Long-Term Stays

Consider targeting guests looking for extended stays, such as remote workers or individuals relocating to your area. Adjust your amenities and offerings to cater to long-term guests, such as a well-equipped workspace, high-speed internet, or discounted monthly rates. Long-term bookings can provide a stable income source and reduce the impact of short-term fluctuations.

Seek Professional Advice

If, despite your efforts, your Airbnb business continues to struggle, it might be beneficial to seek professional advice. Consult with experienced Airbnb hosts. Sure, they may be competitive, but they are still human and would likely be happy to exchange ideas.

Consider Other Options

The peak of AirBnB may have come and gone. Recently, there has been some negative press around the business and business model. In other words, the market in many areas may be too saturated.

If you try all these ideas and still don’t succeed, it may be time to look into different options. One option is to rent out a home or property. With house prices being high and mortgage rates slow to come down, people are looking to rent. 

Renting is much more stable as tenants will stay for months or even years before leaving. Even better, if you aren’t wanting to deal with the responsibilities of being a landlord, you can use property management services such as Green Residential, a Houston-based property management company. 

These companies can take care of all the hard work of being a landlord and allow you to focus on other things you’ve got going on. Whether it’s collecting payments, responding to maintenance requests, or eviction services, they can do it all. 


Running a successful Airbnb business requires adaptability and a proactive approach to challenges. If your Airbnb is not getting the business it once did, take an open-minded approach to understand the market, optimize your listing, implement effective marketing, and enhance the overall guest experience. 

If you do this and follow all the tips described above, you will have a great chance at getting more bookings and having success. 

Tiffany Ferdus

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