15 Ways to Prepare Your Rental Property for a Showing

November 12, 2015 by Luis Rojo

woodlands texas interior of luxury home with wood floor
Half of the battle of filling vacancies in your rental property is doing successful showings. You’ve probably posted plenty of pictures online and gained positive attention through your efforts, but nothing sells a property quite like a tenant walking through the doors and imagining themselves living there. However, this only happens if your property is in tip-top shape, and if it isn’t prepared for that showing, you’ll be down on your luck.

Vacancies are one of the most common and harrowing problems for landlords, and a great showing is often the best way to move a property quickly. Here are some of the best methods for doing just that.

1. Start with Curb Appeal
pearland texas luxury home for sale
The first thing that potential tenants will see before entering a property is the exterior, so it goes without saying that it should be in tip-top shape. First impressions are essential to attracting renters, so mowing the lawn, cleaning clutter, sprucing up the siding, and adding some landscaping can mean the difference between attracting passersby or scaring them away.

2. De-Personalize
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Renters need to be able to imagine themselves living inside a unit, so leaving up any personal items or decorating the apartment to your own personal tastes can dampen that illusion. Professionally staging the property is often a good idea, but personal artwork, photographs, or unique decorations generally won’t go over well with potential tenants.

3. Stage the Property
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Staging won’t always be necessary, but if you’re having a hard time filling a vacancy, bringing in furnishings and professional decorating can sell a property rapidly. It’ll show the potential tenant what they might do with the space when it’s their own.

4. Check for Smells

Sight is the most prominent sense for human beings, but smell is second in line. Sometimes, trash that’s left by previous tenants that can stink up an apartment when left unchecked. Also, certain areas in the home can also collect a smell if they’re left unused. Check the bathroom and refrigerator for starters if you’re not sure about the source of the smell.

5. Have It Professionally Cleaned

It doesn’t matter how outdated the property is. If it’s clean, you’ll be able to attract renters. Pay special attention to places that the tenant may have missed or that may collect dust easily, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and windowsills.

6. Buff Floors

If the property has hardwood, tile, laminate, or any other hard flooring, have it buffed to make it clean and shiny. Floors that are clean and shiny enough to eat off of are most attractive to potential residents.

7. Shine Windows

Make sure your renters will have a great view by cleaning the windows before the showing. Dingy windows will not only make the home look dirty, but they’ll also block some of the natural lighting, which is integral to making rooms look bigger and more inviting.

8. Set the Thermostat

The thermostat in the home should be set so the home acts as a relief from the outside elements. When it’s hot outside, the thermostat should be set between 70 and 74 degrees, and when it’s cold, set it between 72 and 76 degrees.

9. Set the Mood

You want the property to feel large, open, and inviting. Begin by cracking open the blinds and turning on every light in the house. The natural light will help to brighten up dark spaces and to make the home feel inviting. Lighting a scented candle and playing some soft music in the background can also make the house feel more like a home.

10. Spruce Up the Walls

Outdated wallpaper and loud paint can make it hard for prospective tenants to envision themselves living there. Before you do any showings, redo anything that the previous tenant may have done to the walls, such as redecorating with neutral colors or tearing down ugly wallpaper.

11. Fake a Renovation

You may not have the funds or time to do a full renovation, but you can make some minor repairs and updates such as painting over scuff marks, filling in chips, replacing fixtures, and redoing faucets.

12. Highlight Focal Points

Most properties have a certain focal point or feature that stands out above all others. It could be the fireplace, window seat, or breakfast nook. Whatever it is, a little decor can help to draw the eye there. For example, a few brightly colored throw pillows can make the window seat feel very inviting.

13. Do Basic Repairs

Make sure your tenants have nothing to complain about when they first move in by performing basic repairs ahead of time. Just because you never got around to fixing the leak under the sink with your last tenant, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use this opportunity to start new with a better reputation for your new tenants.

14. Maximize Space

Space planning can make a big difference in the feel of the room. Even small rooms can be made to look larger, with the right furniture and proper arrangement. Place furniture in such a way that those whom you’re showing will feel like they can sit down and have an inviting conversation with guests without tripping over things. Using mirrors and natural light can also make the room look bigger.

15. Keep It Simple

When staging the property and adding new decor, remember that, above all, it’s important to keep it simple. Extreme styles will throw people off, but neutral paint colors and furniture with subtle but tasteful accents will attract more tenants than loud colors and strange decor.

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