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How Houston Landlords Can Handle Reasonable Accommodation Requests

August 6, 2020

Landlords in Houston might need to make modifications to a rental unit to accommodate a disabled tenant. The Fair Housing Act requires landlords to make reasonable modifications required for a disabled tenant to use the rental property safely. For example, a tenant who uses a wheelchair might ask their landlord to install a ramp, widen… [Read More]

7 Tips for Becoming a Profitable Landlord in Georgetown, Texas

August 6, 2020

Being a landlord isn’t glorious, but it can pay off if you do it right. If you’ve got investment property in Georgetown, Texas, here are 7 ways to make it profitable. Be cautious when tenants want to pay rent upfront Sometimes tenants will offer to pay multiple months’ rent upfront or even an entire year…. [Read More]

Short-Term Student Rentals: A New Consideration For Georgetown TX Landlords

August 5, 2020

Like many Austin suburbs, Georgetown is a college town. Home to Southwestern University, with its undergraduate population of about 1500 students, the area’s population naturally fluctuates with the school year. This year, though, the school year looks a bit different. Though Southwestern does plan to invite all students back to campus, it will be doing… [Read More]

For San Marcos Investors, COVID Relocations Present New Opportunities

August 4, 2020

COVID-19 has left the real estate industry reeling. Potential buyers are split between taking advantage of record low mortgage rates and the added stress of moving during a pandemic – as seen in major markets like Houston, current conditions have created a buyer’s market. Mortgage rates aside, though, COVID-19 has also sparked a desire to… [Read More]

9 Repairs You Should Make to Your Rental During a Houston Summer

August 4, 2020

Rental maintenance is not a favorite topic among landlords, but it’s necessary. If you stay on top of maintenance throughout the year, you can avoid serious breakdowns and repairs. Plus, if you’ve been saving a portion of your rental income for these maintenance items, keeping up will be easy.

Marketing San Marcos: 4 Property Promotion Points

August 3, 2020

Austin is one of the hippest cities around, known for its “Keep Austin Weird” mural, the South By Southwest festival, and surprising attractions like the Cathedral of Junk – but as with other trendy locales, it’s an expensive place to live. In fact, Austin is Texas’s priciest city, meaning many potential residents are priced out… [Read More]

How to Expand Your Investment Property Portfolio in Austin Texas

August 2, 2020

One of the best ways to build wealth and generate income is to invest in property—and there are few better cities in the United States for property investment than Austin, Texas. If you already have a rental property in Austin, you’ve probably experienced this firsthand. You’re likely already making a monthly profit, and you may… [Read More]

Which Austin Texas Home Upgrades Are Worth the Money?

August 1, 2020

Buying an Austin home is a great feeling; you’ll have a piece of property that’s entirely your own in a city that’s consistently rated as one of the best places to live in the United States. But over time, you’ll likely be interested in making improvements to that property, including major renovations, small repairs, and… [Read More]

7 Questions to Answer When Picking an Austin Texas Neighborhood

July 31, 2020

Austin is one of the most attractive cities in the United States, capitalizing on the beautiful landscapes of Texas, offering a dense and thriving central city, and still offering a variety of suburbs and neighborhoods to serve a wide range of demographics and families. Of course, choosing to move to Austin is just the first… [Read More]

Is Your Austin Texas Home Taking Too Long to Sell? Here’s What to Do

July 30, 2020

Most people in the Austin area list their homes and expect them to sell relatively quickly. If the home is in a good neighborhood, is in good condition, and is listed for a reasonable price, it should, in theory, fly off the market. However, this isn’t always the case. Many homeowners find themselves disappointed, stressed,… [Read More]