Lauren Brown - Administrative Assistant

Lauren Brown

Administrative Assistant

Lauren is an administrative assistant for Green Residential. She has a background in customer service, from working as a hostess to becoming a customer service/call center training manager for a large local service company. Now she spends her time homeschooling her 4 children and enjoying time with the love of her life.

Practice Area:


Words to live by:

Motherhood isn't always glamorous but it is beautiful.

All time favorite movie:

Can't name one. Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, Superman II, Elf, Nacho Libre

Interests outside of work:

Spending time managing BrownTown (a.k.a. my husband and children), homeschooling my children, sewing, crafting, baking and cooking.

What was your first job?

Realtor administrative assistant

What music/bands do you like to listen to?

Big fan of *Nsync and Backstreet Boys! Also David Crowder, Pentatonix, Musical soundtracks and more. Favorite music of all time is...Christmas music!